Urban Salon & Wig Studio

Urban Styles of Braids, Dreadlocks & Extensions

Based in Fresno CA, Wig It2 is deeply committed to offering the best skill set in Urban Style creation of Braids, Dreads, Custom made Wigs and Creative Hair Replacement Extension Services. You'll love our private yet family friendly professional environment.

  • natural twist
    natural twist
  • single braided wrap braids
    single braided wrap braids
  • beautiful single twists
    beautiful single twists
  • creative cornrows
    creative cornrows
  • Topper for Balding
    Topper for Balding
  • creative cornrows
    creative cornrows
  • Crochet Braids
    Crochet Braids
  • tape Extensions
    tape Extensions
  • creative 2 layer cornrows
    creative 2 layer cornrows
  • Lace wig installed
    Lace wig installed
  • Crochet braids
    Crochet braids
  • wash condition,flat iron and wrap of natural hair
    wash condition,flat iron and wrap of natural hair

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